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Strings Tuner Smart Peg String Winder Acoustic Electric Guitar Automatic Tool

A-String number

B-Targeted pitch display

C-Pitch distance display

D-Low battery indicator

E-Semi-Automatic Tuning mode

-This tuning mode works very efficiently when string’s replacement or tuning ranges are wide.

F-Guitar selection

G-Ukulele selection

H-Automatic Tuning mode

-This tuning mode works very efficiently when desired tuning ranges are narrow.

  • Chromatic selection
  • Custom Tuning mode

-This tuning mode is for alternative guitar tunings

  • Overload indicator

-Overload sign indicates the possiblility of over currendamage due to the stiff headmachines. The system automatically turns off after 1sec of Overload indicator for the device protection.



Weight: 202 grams

Lithium batteries(the electricity pool: 3.6V 18650 2, 600mA).

Charging time: Two hours

Charging the connector: MICRO USB 5PIN (genera Android mobile phone recharge the wire)

Current:  Standby= 16mA

Motor Tuning =250 mA

Motor overload= 1, 400 mA(Automatic stop after 1 second after motor overload)


Safe Use Method

*This product is improper use could be a potentially fatal danger or serious injury

*Please do not charging when to use the products

*Please do not by itself apart or changes this product components

*Please do not custody under high temperature, humidity, dust and other environmental or use products

*Please don’t wet your hand to use the products

Follow the following information provide an alert to prevent fire orexplosion and other accidents.

*Please do not make your equipment was physical impact or damage

*Please do not will your device on his breeches pocket or hanging from the waist

*Battery electrode contact with conductive objects, such as metal or liquid and avoid the multifunction outlets

*Please do not touch hands with a wet equipment. In addition, please do not used in moist environment in the bathroom

*Please stop immediately any parts cracked or damaged, equipment such as use and contact the manufacturer.

*Please stop charging more than more than 45 C, charging for raising the product itself when temperatures

*Before charging. Please contact the manufacturer immediately and stop the use of failure confirmed that a product or cell phone chargers

Follow the following provide an alert for a moment to avoid injuryor damage to equipment.

* Please do not allow a child or animal chewing or swallowing

*Equipment can be used in the position of the ambient temperature between0°cto 40°C

*Outside the scope of the recommended the use or storage equipment may shorten battery life or damage to equipment.

* Please do not near the heating equipment, high pressure vessel or a microwave oven, cooking equipment or internal storage devices


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